Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Juan Manuel Dinamita Marquez – The Greatest Hits 2011

Marquez vs Pacquiao. Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez – During May 2004 Marquez meet Manny Pacquiao, a fight nearly didn’t make out in the first round, Pacquiao knocked down Marquez. Despite having the knockdown 3 times and suffering from broken nose during round 1, Juan Manuel Marquez with his courage and determination to win stand up and get back on the fight that resulted a draw.

March 2007 Marquez vs Barrera in a highly anticipated matchup of the Mexican ring warriors, during the 7th round which is the highlight of the fight wherein both fighters throws punch to each other with all their power. Marquez won via unanimous decision during the fight.

March 2008 four years after the last battle, Pacquiao and Marquez meet again. During the early rounds Marquez wasted no time but during the 3rd round Pacquiao knocked down Marquez. After another classic battle Pacquiao escaped and won the Fight via split decision victory.

February 2009, Marquez faced the rising star Diaz for lightweight title. It is an all out war during the 1st round and it continued until round 2 but on round 8 Diaz was got by Marquez double uppercut and Diaz goes knocked out during the 9th round.
September 2009, Marquez vs Mayweather. Marquez jumped up to two weight classes to fight Floyd Mayweather. After 21 month layoff Mayweather showed no rush against Marquez. Throughout the fight Mayweather superior size and speed over powered Marquez, but Marquez survived the fight. Mayweather won via unanimous decision during that victory.

November 2010, Marquez vs Katsidis. After moving back to lightweight, Marquez battled the Australian brawler Katsidis. Marquez look to control the early rounds but during the round 3 Marquez went down. Marquez recovered quickly from the knocked down and during the 9th round referee stop the fight and Marquez won via technical Knockout.

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