Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mayweather creates his own rules said Pacquiao

Pacquiao vs Marquez. Floyd Mayweather Jr creates his own rules to avoid a fight against the Pound for Pound king Manny Pacquiao said Pacquiao in an Interview.

In a growing rivalry between the No.1 Pound for Pound Champion Manny Pacquiao and the No.2 Pound for Pound Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao is asked during an interview for his upcoming fight against Juan Manuel Maruqez about his thoughts concerning the drug test issue.

The Philippine Congressman, who is the best fighter and the 8th time world champion, stated that Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not want to fight because he always creates his own rules.

Floyd Mayweather Jr recently won a controversial 4th round knockout against Victor Ortiz.  Meanwhile Floyd Mayweather said that he will fight anyone in a weight of 147 pounds.

Rules, Drug testing, etc.. that doesn’t matter on the ring. People are always looking forward to this Mega Fight that will decide who is the best and the No. Pound for Pound King in the world.

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